Spinning Carnelian Fob

Deep Red Carnelian Gentleman's Spinner Fob

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This fob is a wonderful addition to a gentleman's watch chain. Popular in the 1800's, these decorative charms or keepsakes were suspended from watches as a bold or subtle fashion choice, sometimes even engraved with initials, or a personal design to serve as a method for sealing letters. This fob in particular is a deep red carnelian stone resting inside a smooth bed of gold. Its anchor is very versatile allowing the fob to spin on a horizontal axis, reflecting the light boldly whichever way you turn it.  It has a sensual feel with a satisfying solid weight.

Details (approximate):

Dimensions: 30 mm W X 32 mm L (including the anchor)

Weight: 8 grams 

Materials: Carnelian

Metal: 9K Gold

Marks: Hallmarks

Condition: Very good antique condition.  Minor wear and dents are hardly noticeable.