"Red Petals"

SOLD--Antique Gold Over Silver & Coral Earrings

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 Ancient Romans believed that wearing coral would protect children, and hung pieces of it around their necks. Women wore it as a charm against sterility. It was thought to quiet tempests and insure that the wearer would never be struck by lightening. The stone became very popular during the  Romantic Period of the Victorian Era, where it was incorporated, usually by Italian jewelers, into all forms of decorative wear, the more red the hue, the more valuable. 

Gold over silver or Rolled Gold was a common technique used by Victorian jewelers, as prior to the California Gold Rush, gold was scarcer. This type of layered gold was patented in England in 1817 and it became a prime source for semi-precious and better-quality costume jewelry in the Victorian era. Using rolled gold allowed jewelry designers to create and sell intricate pieces without the high cost of solid gold.

This pair of Victorian Era earrings employs the gold-over-silver technique known as vermeil, with screw back closures, typical of the period. Lovely little flower motifs anchor three upturned teardrop shaped coral beads, with a fourth, longer drop,  dangling below. The coral has a rich red hue, and a wonderful shine. Gorgeous accessories for any style, they smoothly transition from day to night for today's fashionistas!

 Details (approximate)

Dimensions:m 1" long

Weight: 4.7 grams

Materials: Gold over silver, coral

Marks: Illegible marks

Condition: Excellent antique condition