"Ouroboros Snake Necklace"

Pinchbeck Garnet & Green Paste Snake Necklace Circa 1830's

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SSSSSomething Snaky This Way Slithers! This late Georgian - early Victorian necklace is the epitome of Victorian Era jewelry! The cult of snake jewelry during this time began with Prince Albert proposing to Queen Victoria. The ring given to her was in the image of a snake set with an emerald head. For Victoria the snake embodied eternal love, and promised her a true "happily ever after." 

The Ouroboros is an ancient symbol depicting a serpent eating its own tail. The name  finds its etymology in the Greek language and was used in Victorian times to symbolize eternal life, sexuality and mystery.  Made of Pinchbeck, a metal alloy created by Christopher Pinchbeck, a London clock maker who lived from about 1670 to 1732. With two green paste eyes, and 5 flat-cut garnets decorating his highly ornate head, embellished with detailed sculpting and chased scrolling designs. This snake will gracefully encircle your neck (or wrist), where his head meets his tail in a clever clasp which inserts in his mouth suggesting the classical Ouroboros! The Serpentine chain tapers at each end, ensuring a comfortable, slinky line when worn. 

Details (approximate)

Dimensions: 41cm (15.75") long; head of snake is 3.75cm (1.3") x 1.5cm (approx. .5")

Weight: 29 grams

Materials: Pinchbeck, garnets, green paste stones

Metal: Pinchbeck

Condition: Very good antique condition; small area of repair on chain